Welcome to TABCON, the Turkish-American Business Conference

Date: May 5th, 2012

Venue: Computer History Museum Mountain View, CA

TABCON 2012 was a big success!

May 6th, 2012

TABC, the Turkish-American Business Connection, held its 2012 conference on May 5th, in Mountain View, CA to highlight business opportunities between the U.S. and Turkey. Close to 150 people have attended the conference from all over the U.S. The conference focused on "The Entrepreneur." Prominent speakers addressed opportunities and challenges that entrepreneurs face. TABCON 2012 also gave attendees a chance to learn about investment and business opportunities both here in America and in Turkey.

TABCON is the best networking opportunity for entrepreneurs who would like to learn more about the dynamics of the changing business climate in the Bay Area as well as in Turkey. It is the perfect place to expand your network and promote your ideas and products on a very personal level.

TABCON also serves as a platform for business people from Turkey who are looking for partnership opportunities in the U.S. It helps Turkish businesses to tap into a wider business group in the U.S. where they can share business ideas and opportunities.

Hope to see you again at other TABC events. Thank you for your continuous support to the Turkish-American business community in the Bay Area.

Some of the speakers were:

Seth Goldstein Chairman,
Vish Mishra Venture Director, Clearstone Venture Partners
Carol M. Sands Founder, The Angel's Forum
Babur Özden Co-Founder, TurkishSpark
Dilawar Syed CEO, Yonja Media Group
Veysel Berk Founder and CEO, Wallit
Devrim Yaşar Co-founder and CEO,
Eren Bali Co-founder and CEO, Udemy
Pascal Finette Director of Mozilla's Open Innovation Group, Mozilla Foundation
Menekşe Gencer Mobile Payments Consultant, mPay Connect
Ebru Gülsoy Commercial Attaché, San Francisco Office of the Commercial Attaché
Kerim Baran Co-founder & CFO, CivicSolar; Co-founder, TurkishSpark
Nuray George Uğras General Partner, Adams Capital Management
Touraj Parang VP Strategy & Corporate Development,

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  • Intel Considers R&D Investment in Turkey, Milliyet Reports

Intel Corp. (INTC), the world’s largest producer of semiconductors, may invest in a research and development center in Turkey, Milliyet said, citing Nancy Bhagat, company vice president in charge of marketing. ... More @ Bloomberg


  • Turkish e-commerce sector experiencing booming growth, data show

Star - Internet vendors in Turkey sold over USD 8.9 billion worth of goods and services in a total of 91 million transactions in the first 9 months of 2011. The data released by the Interbank Card Center (BKM), the body that monitors credit and debit card usage in Turkey, indicate that Turkish internet users are adapting very rapidly to the convenience and cost advantages provided by e-shopping. ... More @ Invest In Turkey


  • Balkans Business News Correspondent - 14.03.2012

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  • Top 10 Legal Questions about Foreign Direct Investments in Turkey

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